snow, snow, snow…

This past week has been an incredible chance for my body to heal itself. I began to get sick almost three weeks ago and as of this past Sunday I was preparing to head to the doctor. Instead I got to rest while Kansas City was visited by two large snows! Snowzilla and Snowzilla #2! Or whatever you would like to call it. Two feet of snow later I spent a lot of time resting, reading, and catching up on life!
snow lady and her ladies

 Hope City was cancelled many of these past few days and so I didn’t even have to strain my vocal chords and sing before I was ready. We are hoping tomorrow night we will be back on for our 8:00pm set, but I am very thankful for the much needed break for my body to get back to normal.

I also spent a lot of this past week cooking! Something I haven’t gotten to do in months! I made pumpkin muffins, crock-pot chili, cornbread muffins, good for you brownies, sweet potato/potato soup (soooo good), and I probably put on five pounds but for good reason!

snow soup

I have the ambition to pursue more writing and photography in the near future so I took lots of pictures of the snow and my neighborhood. Some of these pictures were shot through the kitchen window but if I can find an angle I shoot it! Hope you enjoy them!
snow cardinal

Did you get the snow? What have you been doing this past week for fun? Send your pictures and stories or even recipes. I would love to hear from you! Glad to say I have been feeling good and that I got out of my house today. Talk to you soon!
snow visitors
snow lady
snow nights
snow car


Life is a journey! We do not always understand everything along the road of life but I have learned to not take anything for granted. Last year while I was sitting at my favorite coffee shop I felt to start a blog about places I liked in KC. I didn’t think much about it and I didn’t do a very good job at writing on it. But during the year I couldn’t really shake the idea of it. Since then someone stepped forward and offered to host my blog as a real website, businesses have offered to create coupons specifically for us, and I decided that this could be more than what I first thought.
Writing was always just one of my loves, nothing I thought much about. I have journals in every nook and cranny of my house telling the stories of my heart and travels. Now I am beginning to wonder what this is all about. I am embarking on a new adventure, and as always dragging my feet in the process. So now that my site has gone public I thought I would share it with you! Perhaps you could pray with me for the possibilities of what this little site holds or the sites to come or the books to come? I just recently also received the finances to potentially purchase a nice camera that would add to the blog as I go from place to place.
“On the job” research!
So what does this mean? I teach voice, I lead worship, I disciple young adults, I pray, I sing, I administrate ministries, and I write! Oh and I take pictures. I am me and I couldn’t change that even if I tried! All of it expresses my heart with God. All of it is the obedience of a million tiny yesses in my heart. I don’t have to understand it all and I am thankful for the chance to meet people in my city and write about who they are. 
Thanks for reading if you got this far. Take a minute to like our Facebook page and I write you again soon! Blessings, Michelle