find me in the secret place

Welcome to a really good year!  I am excited for how God is calling us to “come away” and go to the secret place with Him. Instead of calculating the loss of going deep in God, decide to take the plunge! In Matthew 6:18, Jesus talks about “our Father,” and tells us where He is, “our Father who is in the secret place.” I love to just say this over and over and remind myself that I always have access to my Father. This year I believe if we would humble ourselves and remove distractions and on purpose shut the door and come away to the secret place; He who sees what is in the secret, and who knows what is in the secret, will meet us! Let’s store up treasure on the inside of us! Let’s go deep in love and see what happens. I have only heaven to gain and I’ve got nothing to lose! 

Last year the Forerunner Media Institute (FMI) which is a part of the International House of Prayer University (IHOPU) sent students to Hope City to video our prayer room. I got the privilege to lead one of those recorded sets. Now that their assignment is finished they have given us these sets on the Hope City/IHOPKC website! It was like a New Year’s present to me! Here is the link, go to Tues, 5/18/2012, 6pm and enjoy!

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