full circle


Well here I am, finally in Kansas City! I arrived yesterday and got all of my stuff unloaded! Deep sigh of relief and now this side of things begins! So good to be home!! Now a house must be rented, official IHOP staff status gained, and all that entails, and the settling in. All of this takes time and energy, and guess what? I am sick! Big bummer but totally understandable, I have been pushing super hard and my body is paying for it!

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for me and supported me! Today I finally got to go to the prayer room, I cried for the first thirty minutes! Its been a long month without one! I was so glad to be where I am supposed to be! And it has been hard work getting there! Its been a full circle WILD GOOSE CHASE and here I am almost right back where I started! Haha… like I said before its a long story I would love to tell anyone with a few minutes! I am in the process of getting officially on staff and auditioning for the worship teams. I am excited and glad to have it all set in stone so I can take a deep breath!

Okay so besides money I need wisdom in order to know which house to rent! It will be at least a six month committment most likely a full year and I am being a little more picky! My friend Genevra and I are renting together and praying for open doors! Thanks for joining us in this knocking business!!

So thats me for now! I will keep you all posted! Email, facebook, call or write!!! Please!



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