As you may know I busted my toe three weeks ago today. The stitches came out last week and this past week it has been healing. While it healed this week there were times it hurt more than when I had stitches in it. I was like “really, what is wrong with my toe?” It made me think the gash was going to open again or infection was setting in. But no it was just healing.
This process made me think of my heart and how at times the healing has hurt more than the wound/loss initially did. Why? Why does it hurt more, making me think there is something new wrong when it is just a moment of pain so that I can be whole. Will we ever understand how our hearts work and how much He loves this process?

I know I don’t understand it, but now I know that I am not crazy. I am just healing. Still healing from so much that has tried to stop me from being who He has called me to be. I am just healing.

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