I am a mom

These past two years have flown by…marriage, baby David, and now we wait for baby boy #2 to come in July and we are so excited! Right now life is full of sticks, dirt, discovery, and all things outside! David runs to the door in his pjs and proclaims “ouudide” which as I translate is “come on momma lets go OUTSIDE!” There is so much to explore, discover, and experience that he can hardly contain himself much less focus to get clothes and shoes on so we can get outside! But I love it, I love the determination in his eyes and the passion for all things boy! I think my favorite part is that he does it without being told! What dirt… this must go on my head, in my clothes, in my mouth, and down my shoes! I was worried that our backyard would fall short with our kiddos because we haven’t purchased any swing sets or even small slide/play house things yet. But today I watch him sit in a pile of dirt with his shovel and play for over ten minutes and then proceed to the strawberry patch to fiddle with something for another ten minutes. I just let him wonder around and I sighed with relief, “yep this will do just fine!”

So I am a mom. I know I am kind of late to the party since I am already pregnant with number two but something has happened in my heart since David started walking, talking, and participating more in our lives. I have been a mom since conception but I have become a mom this past year and its done something to my heart that made me step back and realize “wow, now I am a mom!” I can’t wait to meet number two but of course I am having those thoughts of “how can you love another?” and “how can you not?” and “seriously this is crazy! two under two!” and “I am so excited I need this pregnancy to hurry hurry up!” and then I look at David growing and growing and exclaim “SLOW DOWN!!!!! Ahhh!”  I am sure someone can relate right? LOL! Anyways all of these thoughts make it official! “I am a mom!” Including the constant search for his next wardrobe, great deals on diapers, toys, and all things kids! I have always been a shopper but being a mom takes it to another level and I am sorry but not all consignment sales are created equal and I can’t wait to go to one that exceeds my expectations! So far, not so much!

So all that being said I am living my dream! Married by 33 and a momma by 34!! I have such a grateful heart and the wait was totally worth it although at times I wasn’t so patient. Waiting is not easy but that is a post for another day! For now I am just going to savor these days, that is the advice I have received from every single 50 plus parent/grandparent! I am going to enjoy them like they are ending tomorrow and seriously thank God for each and every day! I know to do it because honestly it is already going too fast! And I am learning to have a single focus even if that means saying no the “good” things so I can say YES wholeheartedly to motherhood. I “get to” in this season and I know that it is how I can give my heart fully to the Lord right now! It took me a minute to figure all of that out, which makes sense since I came out of 12 plus years of full time ministry with a very loaded schedule. So for a bit I wasn’t sure what this season was supposed to look like BUT now I have a vision and I am giving it all I have.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight. ~ Proverbs 3:5-6



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