see you tomorrow baby

A lot of you have probably been following our pregnancy progress with number two! Well, tomorrow is the big day! We can not wait to meet and snuggle our #lilmanwick2!! Some may not know but David’s birth did not go as we had hoped or planned, in fact it was all the opposite! But if it hadn’t been for our awesome doctor and nurses there is a chance that neither of us would be here now. Maybe some day I will write my entire birth story from that day but for now I’ll say that after almost 20 hours of labor, medical intervention, water breaking, and all that we ended up with an emergency c-section that revealed a pro-lapsed cord, which could have been a very bad situation. There are so many details that I am leaving out right now but God’s hand was on us during this entire situation and we were so incredibly thankful!

This past year I have had the decision on my heart if I was going to try for a natural birth again or a scheduled c-section.  There is a massive stigma placed on the surgery and it makes the decision process even more difficult. In my situation I didn’t just have a c-section because of our birth situation, it ends up that my actual pelvis has some challenges as well which is why we needed the surgery in the first place. So knowing all of these details I went to the Lord! And as I prayed I knew what I wanted to do but I didn’t really want to tell anyone lol! Its incredibly personal in the first place and I am kind of a private person. But again its not a popular option, although some would say its my decision there is still that stigma. I have even had people apologize to me that I am having a c-section. I just smile and say that we are excited and we can’t wait to meet our new son! We have also been praying for God to heal my pelvis and to change these circumstances miraculously! But in the meantime I felt strongly to schedule my section with this second baby and celebrate his coming!

So here we are… that decision was made months and months ago and tomorrow we meet him! Parts of this pregnancy have been slow (mostly the parts where I was sick with colds and sinus infections and all that!) and a majority of it has been incredibly fast (possibly because I have a 19 month old and he keeps my life speeding by)! I am so thankful for my first born, gosh he is a blessing to my heart in so many ways! He made me a momma! He gave me a dream that had been in my heart since I was a little girl! And he is so sweet and gives the best hugs. He is starting to talk and is so smart! He reminds me of his daddy everyday and gives us so many reasons to laugh and fills our house with crazy boy adventures all day long! Now there will be two of them! Whew I can barely handle the excitement in my heart! Even with the knowledge that I won’t be sleeping much for the next year or more! I don’t really care at this point! I am ecstatic!

We have incredible friends who will be caring for our first born and if you wanna pray you can pray for that to go smoothly! We haven’t spent a night away from him yet and we are expecting it to be challenging at times but I am hopeful that it will be quick and painless! Soon we will be home with our bundle and David will be helping mommy and daddy and he will be the best big brother ever! I know I am biased and I am unashamedly biased!! 🙂

So here goes nothing! Tomorrow morning at 7:30am we will be admitted and at 9:30am the surgery will begin! Then we will welcome our second boy into this world and our hearts will be so full we may just burst! Thank you for praying for us and cheering us on! It means so much for our friends and family to be apart! Love to you all!

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