I really just want to sing. To pour out my heart to God in a song or ten!! I am done doing all the other things that it seems like i am equipped to do! I am really done chasing after ministry, position, and fulfillment. I am sick of trying to be someone I am not!! No more wondering, I am just going to do it! Making a CD does not equal success to me but it would definitely make a statement that I am walking toward this! No more second guessing myself or my calling! 

Besides wanting to hold babies in Africa, teaching and singing is all I can ever remember wanting to do! Here I go!

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  1. Hi Mich,
    God wants to hear you sing, too. Why is it that in the face of so much need, we forsake the very thing God has given us to do to meet those needs? It seems to us that music and, in my case, art, can’t feed the poor, but they can minister to the poor in spirit. I can just relate with your going back and forth. And i can especially relate with the holding babies thing. You are a passionate worshiper whose worship and intercession pour out even onto babies. I love you.

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