Untold Stories released!! Story behind the song “Believe!”

My very first CD, “Untold Stories” was released on November 15th, 2017! The response was so encouraging to my heart! I am so excited to get this music into your hands and ears to strengthen your walk and lift up your heart!

The first song, “Believe” came out of the season of grief after I lost my mom to a sudden car accident in 2006. She was such a huge part of my faith, life, and basically my best friend when I lost her. I was 25, single, and had just returned to America after two year working in missions overseas. She was my grounding in the world and in an instant she was gone. I felt so challenged to sing after I lost her. I sensed that God promised healing if I would do one of the most painful things I could think of. Sing. Seems so simple but that act of obedience was the most challenging one in my life to that date. So I would pick up my guitar and play the few chords I knew and I would sing. Sometimes I would sing a scripture that I felt in my heart and other times I would just let words come out of my heart. This song was one of those. After tragedy we often find ourselves questioning our faith, pushing against the God that we once simply trusted. I was honestly surprised that I found my grief drawing me closer to God not further away.

When I was a little girl my mom taught me to talk to God. I would get up in the night scared in my room and my mom told me to tell Jesus when I was scared. This began an innocent friendship with Him that continues to this day. God I am scared, God I am sad, God I need help. My prayers poured out year after year. Our conversations have always been my strength in hard times and biggest JOY in the good ones. I think in that moment my mom gave me the greatest gift she could have given me in life. Friendship with God. And that is exactly what helped me through the hardest time in my life. Losing my mom. So in this song I pour out all that I have. My belief. My faith. My hope. God it is yours. You can have it all. All of my heart. All of me. No matter what happens. I will continue to be your friend. I will continue to believe you. Even in my darkest time. The things that I thought would shake me the most. I still believe You!! That is what tumbled out of my heart one day. And as I sang that song my resolved strengthened.

I hope and pray that you feel encouraged in your resolve despite hardship and that you also find a friend in God. He has been my closest confidant in the midst of the biggest storms of my life.  And it all began with my mom stepping out in faith to teach my little heart. And that made a BIG difference!

Want to listen for yourself? Here are a couple links to help you!

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Buy a physical copy? michellewick.com/product

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