Try Again

I’ve been learning how to get back on my horse! God’s love is not based on my ability or on my failures. Knowing this information should help me right!! I should just automatically let go of offense or give myself grace when I screw up. But for some reason it doesn’t work that way in my head! I want it to! 

In order to believe in myself I have to be able to let go!! Anyways, I worked today at the coffee shop and I am tired, couldn’t sleep last night! Tried to take a nap after work and it didn’t work! My new year’s resolution to exercise starts on Monday! Let’s see what happens!! I believe I can do it! I want to and have to according to me! Seriously I have changed my diet, cut out dairy, sugar and all the bad stuff and its only when I am exercising that I look good and feel good about me! So those people that write all those books on dieting need to put in convincing bold letters that EXERCISE is the key ingredient! Especially to keeping your weight off!!!

I really do not like exercise, so its hard for me to imagine that this is the only answer but God finally convinced me, so did my body these last few exercise-less months! 

I work with a ministry called TheCause USA ( and we are putting on this 30-day field event called Under Open Skies!! We just finished today a 21-day focus preparing for the 30 days! So what a summer full of prayer, worship, and lots of work!! I am learning how to lean on the Lord to teach me how to take care of myself during this season! Also I need to focus somehow on my music! I have written a few new songs.. i have to figure out how to post them on this blog! I get to lead worship on Tuesday nights, this week I am trying a new team (me, Amber, Micah, and Page). It should be fun!! I am so excited to release the sounds and the things the Lord has put inside of me!

One of my new songs is called INSIDE OUT! The words are “I’m gonna worship you from the inside out, pour me like a pitcher, pour me right out!” Its pretty much a song of surrender and longing just to have a heart that is free to worship. Not bound by fear of man or hardness or anything!! An unhindered heart of worship!  Like the woman with the alabaster box! She just poured out her heart and tears before Jesus! 

Anyways! So much is in my heart right now! We are on the edge of a breakthrough, thats why I feel so much tension in my heart! But I know with all of the prayers we have been praying for America, the breakthrough will not just be in my heart, but in many people’s. Specifically the prodigals!!