15 Minute Journals

So being a new mom at first I thought I would never get to use two hands again at the same time. A little dramatic but it felt very true. Now that I am three months plus into the thick of this I have come up for air a few times and even found my journal! I love writing out my thoughts, even while Stephen and I were dating I wrote after every single one of our dates! I have those precious thoughts to hold onto and go back and cherish. So now I realize I have almost nothing from these past three months as far as journals or thoughts to put together as sentences.

A few years ago when I was doing some more research on grief and counseling I found this author, Susan Zimmerman, and her book on grief, “Writing to heal the soul.”


Ha! I just found the beginnings of this sweet little blog post! I love love love that its from over 9 months ago and yet its so applicable to my new rhythm of mom-life and not to mention today is New Year’s Day, so we might as well put a new stake in the ground for journalling! In the book I talk about above she gives questions to answer about grief and life and then encourages you to write for 15 minutes without stopping! It’s such a great exercise and you would be surprised how much you can say and how refreshing it is to do! Sometimes I will do it on the laptop when I have a lot of “beans” to spill and sometimes on my pen and paper! My mother would journal on anything that had a little white margin or space on it! I would find her church bulletins full of her “Dear Lord Jesus” journal entries! I guess the point is… write, write, write! You would be surprised how much it will clear your head, calm the drama, fill your heart with hope, and cause you to soar in this new year! Even as a mom I can do a lot of things in 15 minutes! Well at least during nap time I can. So here I go again, committing to my 15 minutes, however I can get it done! I will pour out my soul and watch my heart soar!