Almost finished!

Yesterday I walked into the dentist office holding my breath! I was so excited and so nervous for the work to begin on my front top teeth. All of the other appointments and surgeries resulted in new teeth that no one could really see. This appointment was the one really would make the difference and change everything. After  four plus hours in the chair with my awesome dentist, Sarina and her assistant Dawn it was over. Well over for a few weeks. Each crown requires time where the lab is creating the actual permanent tooth that will cap the old tooth that is prepped for it. So I currently have 9 temporaries in my mouth while all of the final impressions are sent to the lab and Joe the genius there figures out how to fit everything together and make it beautiful! Right now half of the top of my mouth has a temporary bridge. Yes one of my gaps is bridged, covering a space I have had since 2007. Before that it was all rotten teeth! But my right side will not be filled until the final appointment where they will place my permanent implants on that side. But the result just from one side being filled was dramatic!

Right after my surgery yesterday! Only one more big appointment left! 🙂

I only need to raise around $750 still. If you are interested to give please click on one of these links. (Paypal or Gofundme).

Six years ago I took a break from YWAM Perth to go on furlough and to pursue my teeth being fixed. During that furlough I lost my mom, Connie, in a car accident and through this devastating loss I have fought to also take care of myself and this included getting my teeth fixed! I am finally getting to see my dream come true and I also get to share it with all of you! My mom’s two big prayer requests for me were that I would be free from college debt and have my teeth fixed! I am a testimony of her prayers (and so many others who have prayed for me!). Today I am free from the debt of my college loans and next month my teeth will be completely finished! Thank you to everyone that has been a part of this process and the reality of my miracle coming true!!
Thank you!!
wanna read more of the story click here, here, and here. 🙂 Love, Michelle
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Thursday, July 12th is the Big Day!

My final surgery is scheduled for Thursday, July 12th! Only ten more days! I am excited and glad to have had the extra time to get ready, specifically in my heart! I am not even sure that it will be that intense of a procedure but the result will for sure be intense! Two implants, two veneers in the front, one bridge, and six total crowns. All permanent solutions to a ten year (if not thirty-one year) old problem!

This past month my worship team threw me a BBQ fundraiser and blessed my socks off! I have been working on receiving from those around me and it has been an incredible experience! Haysville Christian Church set out a “tooth” box for donations and my cousin sent me a check that made me do a dance in my kitchen! Its all part of the process! Its like the phrase “it takes a whole village to raise a child,” except mine is “to fix Michelle’s teeth!” I am so grateful to everyone who gave to this miracle and everyone who prayed with me for it to be possible! It is a dream come true! Only $1100 more to go if you are interested in giving!

So once again I am grateful for the prayers and the love! And I am absolutely blown away by the goodness of the Lord! Thank you!!