My final appointment! Aug 20th!!

It’s finally here! The final appointment! I am so excited to have all of the dental work finished. The lab needed more time than we initially thought so Monday, August 20th at 2pm I will get all of my permanent teeth placed. Here is a picture of what the tooth looks like underneath the crowns. I call it a “stub,” but I believe the dentist just it “prepping the tooth! I have lots of those covered with “temporary” teeth right now. So on August 20th they will take off all the temporary caps/teeth and place on the permanents!
 Look closely and you can see the “stub” on the left
Thank you to everyone who gave to my teeth! As you can see I raised all of my money and I am so incredibly thankful! Last year God told me to step down from singing in the Global Prayer Room at IHOPKC to “get my teeth fixed.”  I continued to sing at Hope City when I wasn’t busy healing from a procedure. And now on August 20th it will be a year since I stepped out in faith! And thanks to so many and their generosity I am completely debt free! This is such a deep relief and joy to my heart and my dream is coming true! Now all I want to do is sing! Well after my mouth heals that is! 

Love you all! 
P.S. It will be one bridge, two veneers, two implants, and five crowns total! What a year!