the teeth party!!!

You have got to be kidding me, its been a month!! Well just in case you missed it my teeth are all finished!!! And I will never be the same!

Dr. Sarina!

On Monday, August 20th, all of the final teeth were placed and my new smile complete! Absolute best day of my life, so far!! While I was waiting to go in the lab genius (teeth maker), Joe, came in the door with my new teeth in their little blue boxes! He was excited to see the finished product and came back later for pics!

Then, Dr. Sarina greeted me in the lobby with a party hat and a party clapper, yelling and cheering me on! I needed cheerleaders in my life but who knew what I would get through this amazing teeth experience. She also placed a special party hat on my head and we were off! Dawn, her dental assistant extrodinair was in the exam room, waiting with her party hat and party favors!

My student dentist Stephanie
(I started this whole process at UMKC
until she told me about Dr. Sarina)

My next surprise came within an hour of the appointment beginning! Around the corner I spied my student dentist from UMKC, Stefanie! The whole story began with her just a year ago! She is also the reason I met Dr. Sarina and wow will I ever be thankful to her for that! I am one very blessed woman! Stefanie even drove all the way from Nebraska to see the final cementing of my teeth! She graduated in May, getting married in Sept, and off to be a dentist in Arizona where her husband is a doctor! Whew busy girl, I was so excited to see her again!

my new teeth!

So one by one each of the teeth/pieces were cemented down to the final implants on the top right side. This included celebration after each one! 13 units total. Two crowns on the bottom left, one full bridge on the top left, one veneer on the top left, then on to the right side. Two crowns on the bottom right, one crown on the top right, one veneer on the top right, two lovely implants on the top right! Dr. Sarina and her assistant were still wearing their party hats as they worked and kept bumping each other. It was so much fun, full of giggles, excitement, and love! I am so blessed and overwhelmed by the amazing experience I had!

I am forever changed by this experience and very thankful for each person who prayed, gave, and cheered me on! If you see me ask me to show off these pearly whites! In less than a year God gave me one of my biggest dreams come true!! God is so good! Love Michelle

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