missing make up bag

Okay so about ten years ago the Lord really challenged me to do a “makeup feast” where I wore make up and did my hair and all the works every day for an entire month! It was a success and from then on I really started taking better care of myself and also started thinking more highly of myself. I had always struggled so much with self hatred that it was a needed time of heart change! 

So…as a mom it’s been hard to keep that positive outlook on myself. I have had two babies in two years and my body has changed in crazy ways not to mention it’s so challenging to keep myself showered or prettied up at all. Not all moms struggle with that but this mom does. And the hair just keeps falling out!! Yeesh! Since my second baby was born I have just kept my makeup in a bag and thrown it in the diaper bag or in my van and put it on in the parking lot before running into somewhere. 
But about ten days ago my makeup bag disappeared. I have searched pretty hard for it. And so now I guess I am on a makeup “fast” lol. After ten years I am completely make up less. And honestly although I am afraid my exhausted face may scare someone I am kind of happy. I do miss it. But there is a freedom in not wearing it right now. These past almost three weeks have been very stretching for me and the last thing I need to worry about is what someone thinks about my face. So I took this picture and did not put a filter on it just to show that I don’t look horrible! 
It actual proves in some ways that I have grown even more than I realized. I am beautiful in a way that I hadn’t been aware of before. Deep deep on the inside that shines out. God did an amazing miracle for me and saved my brother from death almost three weeks ago. I have such deep feelings of gratitude and love in my heart and it’s changing me. I don’t know how and I know it can’t be measured but something has happened. And I can’t go back. Our story is changed forever. Praise God! 
Oh and since this happened it’s a perfect time to buy some organic natural make up to replace my bad-for-me CG and whatever else stuff. So leave some suggestions in the comments!