the “I’m sorry” challenge

“Let’s try not to say ‘I’m sorry’ for one day and see what happens.” This was my husband’s statement today after lunch. It hit something deep inside me that said “yes!!! i need to do that! I am sorry I say ‘I’m sorry’ so much!” Agh! There I go again. I call it the “I’m sorry disease!” Can you relate? Apparently it’s generational! I got mine from my mom but let’s not blame shift here, I say it all the time consciously and unconsciously! It stems from one of the biggest lies that I personally struggle with: “I am a burden.” This is like a mold problem in my heart and I can’t wait to attack it and watch it vacate my life! Cause most of the time I am not sorry, I just say it like air coming out of my mouth. I am thinking I will take up this challenge and see if it works…

Here are some ideas I am going to use to keep from slipping out those famous two words!
1. Someone shares a hard situation with me. Say “Wow that sounds really challenging or difficult. How are you doing?”
2. I bump into someone. Say “excuse me.” (seems like a no-brainer but sometimes “I’m sorry” overrides my common sense)
3. I don’t have the right change and am corrected. Say “Thats right let me go grab more money.”

Just to name a few. I can’t wait to try these out and FAST from saying what seems to naturally fly out of my mouth. I have the Holy Spirit and I can have self-discipline enough to change something in my speech! So here we go! I hear from my hubs that I can start over if I say it! Isn’t he a sweetie!!

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