Thursday, July 12th is the Big Day!

My final surgery is scheduled for Thursday, July 12th! Only ten more days! I am excited and glad to have had the extra time to get ready, specifically in my heart! I am not even sure that it will be that intense of a procedure but the result will for sure be intense! Two implants, two veneers in the front, one bridge, and six total crowns. All permanent solutions to a ten year (if not thirty-one year) old problem!

This past month my worship team threw me a BBQ fundraiser and blessed my socks off! I have been working on receiving from those around me and it has been an incredible experience! Haysville Christian Church set out a “tooth” box for donations and my cousin sent me a check that made me do a dance in my kitchen! Its all part of the process! Its like the phrase “it takes a whole village to raise a child,” except mine is “to fix Michelle’s teeth!” I am so grateful to everyone who gave to this miracle and everyone who prayed with me for it to be possible! It is a dream come true! Only $1100 more to go if you are interested in giving!

So once again I am grateful for the prayers and the love! And I am absolutely blown away by the goodness of the Lord! Thank you!!

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