Introducing!!!! David Jeremiah Wick

He is here! And we are forever changed for the better!

David Jeremiah Wick

Born November 19th, 2014, weighing 6 pounds 9 ounces and measuring 19 inches. He has most of his daddy’s features but I get to claim his nose! He is a miracle and we are in awe of his perfection! We are completely in love!


I started having contractions around 8:00am on Tuesday, Nov 18th. We already had a set doctor’s appointment that morning and I was so happy that my body finally went into labor on its own. (pause baby is crying). Okay so we went to the doctor that morning and a few things weren’t going quite as planned for a “natural” labor so we were sent straight to the hospital to get checked in. After around 19 hours of labor there were again some factors that kept happening that proved dangerous to me and the baby so we decided it was best to go ahead and have a c-section. I have complete peace about this decision because now we know that the baby’s umbilical cord had moved below him in the birth canal and a normal birth wouldn’t have been possible. It was such a God-thing that our OB decided to go ahead with surgery and it saved us a lot of heart ache later. Now we are so incredibly blessed by this little addition to our lives! Praise God for giving us the best Christmas gift ever! If you want more details of our birth story I am happy to share just shoot me a message!

Thank you for the prayers and love! We are so blessed! 
Stephen, Michelle, & David!! 

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