Its a New Day!!

I wrote a song in 2005 called “trust in you.” It was very needed at the time, but now I see how much it was for this moment in my life right now!

“Its a new day, its gonna be alright!
I got Joy in my step and your in my sight!
I’m gonna trust in, I’m gonna trust in you!
You are faithful and so true
Sometimes I doubt but I am runnin’ back to you!
I’m gonna trust in, I’m gonna trust in you!
I’m gonna trust in you, oh God, I’m gonna trust in you O Lord!”
Its really completely not based on my ability if I can do this new season. Its not up to me and my own thinking. Its all about faith and trust! Do I trust that what I know to be true is actually true! Thats my thoughts for the moment! It really is a balance of trust and obey!!
Its time for a new day!!

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