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Tonight i have been studying the wisest guy in the world to have ever lived, Solomon. I did a character study on him and I am just scratching the surface of understanding this man. I am mostly studying him to understand the Song of Solomon. I really never knew about this book until about five years ago when I felt to read it. God used it in a HUGE way to show his love to me. It worked. During my School of Worship outreach in Australia in 2003 I felt waves of God’s love on a daily basis. He basically wooed my heart with this incredible yet mysterious book! So this past few weeks I have felt the urgency to go back to the book and become a student of it. Rather than just experiencing the initial joy of experiencing God’s love, to go deeper in it and really DIG! 

Its hard, I know there is so much in my heart that resists really believing that I AM LOVED. That I am “altogether beautiful and there is no spot in me.” These past few weeks I have spent time singing through some of the verses but almost reluctantly, I have been through a lot since that initial time on that outreach. But He set a foundation for me to stand on and now I feel its time to start again. But its not starting over, its just different. I spend most of my time in the house of prayer singing, but tonight studying added to it makes my heart alive!! I love the WORD OF GOD!!! It truely is a light unto my path and a lamp unto my feet!! 

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